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Late Tax Filling In Canada

Most Canadians need to file tax returns every year. However, many Canadians fall behind filing tax returns for a variety of reasons; people:

  • Don’t think that they will owe, so they don’t file
  • Know they will owe and don’t have the funds to pay
  • Incorrectly believe that if they do not file they will not be found out and will not have to pay
  • Have lost records and/or receipts and have no idea what they earned and don’t have the ability to estimate or prove what their expenses were
  • Find dealing with their late tax filing so stressful once it has occurred that they think if they avoid it, eventually it will go away by itself

Late tax filing can lead to major CRA tax problems including interest And penalties on taxes owed. Address your tax debt today by having our tax dispute experts fight the CRA for you. Contact Us Today!

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