Corporate Taxes

Have you ever noticed how many hours you spend on Corporate Accounting? And how important it is for every kind of Corporate Accounting to be done in the right way? Are you facing difficulties with Corporate Financial Statements, Corporate Tax Returns, Corporate Tax Audits, Corporate Tax Reorganization, Taxes On Corporate Income, and Incorporation? Well, Tohme Accounting is here to solve that!
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Taking good care of your company’s needs to keep it at its best takes more time than you think, you would be mind-blown if you only knew how many hours you spend on deals that you can get done only by one phone call! Dealing with Corporate Accounting, (Corporate Financial Statements, Corporate Tax Return, Corporate Tax Audits, Corporate Tax Reorganization, and Incorporations), which is one of the most important deals you need to focus on is a primary objective in the accounting department for maintaining proper and complete systematic records of your business’s transactions.

And at the same time one of the deals, you can get done professionally without spending your valuable time on, or even dealing with its challenging situations. Corporate Accounting is a high valued operational task that deals with the preparation of the accounts and cash flow statements. Every owner or manager of a well-organized firm knows how hard it is to get to a satisfying position on the top of Maslow’s hierarchy when it comes to the welfare of your corporation. This process needs to be done professionally and thoroughly, otherwise, it might lead to a dead-end, which is increasingly harder to resolve each time, and it would take more effort to resolve.

That is why Tohme Accounting is here to help!

Tohme Accounting’s team is professionally prepared to get the job done, ensuring that you don’t even have to lift a finger. By approving to hand us the hard work we immediately sneak to every corner of the paperwork to get all your Corporate Accounting business’s done (whether it’s in Corporate Financial Statements, corporate tax, Corporate Tax Return, Corporate Tax Audits, corporate income tax, Corporate Tax Reorganization, or Incorporations). By using and implementing multiple precise strategies, a work plan that is organized to fit your company’s workflow and structure. Corporate Accounting is a complicated procedure, it includes numerous obstacles that would slow your business down, and might even lead the company to financial crises if not solved in the right way. To get it done right you must be aware and ready to deal with confusion restricted situations that you will definitely face at some point while avoiding any backfires in the process.

Corporate Tax Services
That’s why when you work with a Corporate Tax Company, we will take the hit and face all the obstacles to get it fixed, done properly, and in conclusion letting you enjoy the result. We will be replying to the government’s taxation agency that inquiries on the behalf of your company, we will clarify challenging tax situations with the various government agencies and then mediate in the best interest of your firm. But to get that job done, there is always too much work to do, that’s why Tohme Accounting is offering you to take your stress away. We don’t stop there because the job is not done until the paperwork is completed, and there are lots of paperwork involved: GST/HST/QST Returns, Corporate Taxes, Government Reporting, Bookkeeping, and Payroll. It never seems to end. Anything that touches the Corporation, we can handle. Our job is to ensure your efforts are directed towards running your business, which includes all Corporate Accounting states you face all the time. Tohme Accounting will search for every possible issue you had or might have, resolve it right away and have it done correctly for a bright road led to success.


Corporate Financial Statements have four main statements, that should be equity balanced to show what a company owns, and what it owes, at a fixed point in time. The Corporate Financial Statements are made up of five components (an Income Statement, a Statement of Changes in Equity, a Statement of Cash Flows, a Balance Sheet, and Notes to Financial Statements). Financial Statement fraud is fulfilled by unsuitable profits recognition, manipulation of expenses, non-recognition of liabilities, and improper cash flow presentation, which can lead the owner of the firm to make wrong decisions that can affect the company’s operation. The most important state of Corporate Financial Statements is the Income Statement. You must be thinking “why?” because it reveals the ability of a business to generate a profit. Keeping an eye out on each detail related to Corporate Financial Statements takes a lot of effort. But as always, Tohme Accounting has got your back, and will not miss a chance to help you make it easier and get it done without wasting any time. Getting your business to its best level is our goal, and we will put maximum effort to reach it together, you and us!
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While you spend too much time with a headache to get your Corporate Tax Returns done, you might be missing other work-related issues that you need to solve or care for. Corporate Tax Returns need years of experience to be done in the right way, you would be surprised to know about how many negative factors are effecting your Corporate Tax Returns, like incomplete information and documents, incorrectly claimed deductions and credits, expenditures that should be capitalized, or the misclassification of income. That is why Tohme Accounting also offers you to get your Corporate Tax Returns’ work done, by updating it annually, to provide the comprehensive coverage and in-depth analysis and filling late Tax Returns, your company’s needs are important for both, you and us!


Tohme Accounting also offers you a great deal with Corporate Tax Audits, this type of audit is essential to make sure the business has fulfilled its tax obligations. You must be fully aware of the income tax-deductions, employee benefits, payroll remittances, and both GST and HST which concern your value of goods and obligation to Federal Canadian taxation. You must be thinking why Corporate Tax Audits are one of the top priorities in our strategy? What makes it prior is that it provides definite assurance that the financial statements have no material misstatements and errors, and to make sure all the odds that might adversely affect the company are disclosed. The entire process of Corporate Tax Audits is very much key to keep the work clean at its best condition. Therefore, with Tohme Accounting there is no need to worry about any of the above, our team is always ready for any situation, we make professional plans for each situation individually. Helping you, Tohme Accounting’s team will put a strategy that will fit your company’s purpose perfectly. Your success is our success, handle us the heavy work and relax, we got your back!


Tohme Accounting is fully and professionally prepared to take good care of Corporate Tax Reorganization too! Corporate Tax Reorganization is significant, and it is not even close to being considered as easy work, it has side effects and complex situations that will slow down the business. Meaning every wrong decision can cost you months of losses or would lead you to a condition that is harder to solve rather than doing it right in the first place. Corporate Tax Reorganization is purifying the corporation to retain its eligibility to be qualified for capital exemption purposes, which makes it the main characteristic of Corporate Accounting that must always be superbly suited. Tohme Accounting professionals can help you every step of the way! We care about every detail of the work, as we provide you satisfying results now as soon as we step in, while also ensuring long term success and security by following in the company’s vision and mission.

Incorporations could as well be misleading; it is the legal process used to form a Corporate company. A corporation is the resulting legal entity that separates the firm’s assets and income from its owners. Dealing with Incorporations is not easier than any other Corporate Accounting type. You will come across barriers that you might not know about, but will affect your Incorporation as you go, that might even need a lawyer to resolve. There are too many disadvantages of Incorporation (Formalities and Expenses, Corporate Disclosure, Separation of Control from Ownership, Greater Social, Responsibility, Greater Tax Burden in Certain Cases, and Detailed Winding Up Procedure). It also takes a lot of time and effort, with strong experienced management. Therefore, Tohme Accounting can get it all done just like all other kinds of Corporate Accounting, to make your work easier with no side effects. Tohme Accounting will put in the effort of finding every possible solution to make your company’s future brighter and sustainable.

Tohme Accounting is your way to attend to more operational matters, without wasting precious time on issues that can obviously be solved by us within the fastest time possible. We care for the success and welfare of your company’s future, because when maintaining long-term security in the corporate accounting field, then there will be no room for mistakes anymore. Feel relieved of stress and get your rest back, with just a few days, as we get your work done as soon as possible. Tohme Accounting will be the inner voice leading your company’s operations to a successful future. Tohme Accounting is here to maintain and help you have a prosperous forthcoming future.