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At Tohme Accounting, we offer a tailor-made contemporary accounting solution that suits your business needs. The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain is a confusing one. However, that hasn’t stopped businesses from acquiring services related to crypto currency accounting. The number of cryptocurrency brokerage, custody, and transfer companies is rapidly growing. However, it is a challenge for many to handle the accounting needs of these companies.

There are no firms with long-term experience incrypto accounting, and there are no clear rules that have been developed related to it. The annual reports of businesses involved with cryptocurrency tend to be omitted most of the time because blockchain transactions can’t be interpreted or accounted for in the industry. However, there are still solutions you can acquire.


Even though there aren’t any specialized standards for crypto accounting, the current International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) can be used for for cryptocurrency accounting. It is imperative to choose the right approach to understand the crypto activities of any particular business. That would involve looking into whether the company uses cryptocurrency for trading, investing, payments, or issues and mines cryptocurrency in the market.

At Tohme Accounting, you won’t have any confusions regarding cryptocurrency accounting in Ottawa, and Toronto as we are well versed in blockchain technology. We speak the same language as companies involved with cryptocurrency and help advise and serve our customers regarding cryptocurrencies. We believe that as our customers develop, we must adapt technological solutions and our knowledge to the rapidly evolving business world.


If you’re dealing with cryptocurrency or a company involved in cryptocurrency, you need experienced and committed accounting services of crypto tax accountant Canada. . At Tohme Accounting, we understand the needs and requirements of crypto accounting and provide services related to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency trading, mining, and investing. Here are some of the reasons why we are the best choice for crypto accounting:

  • We understand your business can handle your accounting needs
  • We use modern technologies that are convenient for our clients
  • Our tax specialists are experienced in cryptographic tax transactions
  • We are abreast with the rapidly evolving field of cryptocurrency and the changing laws
  • Our clients can focus on their core business and leave crypto accounting services of crypto tax accountant Canada.

We offer an extensive range of crypto taxation and accounting services tailored to the specific needs of our clients. Whether you require cryptocurrency investment transaction reconciliations, tax compliance, tax return preparation, and tax planning services, we can do it all. We use our extensive professional knowledge and experience to provide creative tax guidance and advice for individuals and businesses.


Our team of crypto accountants can help your company successfully navigate the complex landscape of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Our representatives will be available 24/7 to serve all your crypto tax and accounting needs and answer all questions related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

At Tohme Accounting, we place the needs of our clients above everything else and work with our clients to solve all their problems. Whether you are a small business or a large-sized company, no one is better positioned to serve your needs for cryptocurrency accounting than us. Trust us when it comes to crypto accounting, and allow our crypto accountants to handle your concerns and needs.