Tax Audits, Tax Planning & Back Taxes

Keep your hands clean and let us do the dirty work on helping you avoid CRA tax audit visits, planning your long-term tax strategy, keeping you away from back tax issues, and putting a smile on your taxman’s face at the end.
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You have your businesses’ paperwork settled and organized in a formal matter that enables you to manage your business operations properly. Everything seems to be in place as you know where your account receivables are and financial statements are sorted. But you seem to be missing the most important part that might jeopardize your entire process. Have you taken a look at your taxes lately?

Your Taxes, In Trusting Hands:

Keeping track of your taxes, or tax audit, and making sure that you’ve been following the CRA’s tax law correctly can be a tricky and somewhat complicated process. That’s why here at Tohme accounting we are obligated to stand by you and look over your shoulder to prevent any tax risk or crises. Our tax professionals take action by conducting thorough and compelling tax audits and in building a defense against any tax risk and potential tax auditing visits from the CRA. We conduct an extremely well-organized examination of your track records especially the ones that can be easily accessed by the CRA, such as filing tax returns, credit history, property detail, ledgers, journals, invoices, receipts, contracts, bank statements, and more.

Keeping you on track and taking the hit for any mistakes made by your firm isn’t a problem for us, we have highly trained professionals that will implement and undertake what is necessary to ensure your tax safety and to accomplish a perfect tax audit process. Internal tax audits are an essential aspect of our job to ensure that you are in compliance with tax regulations as well as analyzing and evaluating your accounting system and tax control units that will also secure tax reduction. Furthermore, another part of this role is also revealing and identifying any type of tax errors, frauds, and possibly mismanaged funds that can be considered a red flag for the CRA.

Addressing through a more personal issue with tax auditing is the fact that your business records and personal records, as mentioned before, need to be examined and reorganized by our end for a more efficient and secure company. We respect and maintain secrecy from our part because we know how important and delicate this type of information can be, and of course, you do not want it to fall in the wrong hands. You know you’re in good hands. We know how hard it can be to present a compelling case and we also recognize the importance of various filing materials, so we work hard to provide an organized approach to taxes.

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Therefore, trust us for we have dealt with these types of issues many times and we have served many different clients, assisting in this domain and keeping our loyalty to them and you, our new customer also. Keep your primary focus and your business operations and mass production to meet your values, mission, and vision. just leave the dirty work to us and allow us to save you from tax risk and high tax risk and let us fight beside you through the tax authorities for a more stable company.


Tax audit visits from the CRA are what we are dedicated to and obligated to prevent from happening. And when there’s a risk of it happening, we take over and stabilize the situation. But you obviously need to maintain your company’s tax stability and prevent any kind of potential risk from happening again. This means you need a clear and well-drawn tax plan that will ensure your safety and minimize tax and liabilities. It’s a “stay on the tip of your toes” process, so let our toes be the ones balancing the protocols and procedures. Even if you are not currently engaged in a problematic tax issue, it is best to stay safe and plan ahead to minimize the possibility of it happening.

Here at Tohme Accounting, we often take the approach of advanced planning with tax minimization and risk mitigation strategies while also being able to step in in emergency and crisis situations. Our team in the tax planning department will review your records and undertake all your possible tax-reducing options, even create new ones if possible, to make sure that they have everything they need to support your companies tax plan from A to Z.

Our corporate tax planning procedure is filled with numerous strategies that can facilitate the tax reduction process for any company, no matter what structural grounds they operate on and no matter what leadership process they follow. It is the whats and hows that are important to identify in any tax plan. That’s why at Tohme Accounting, our professionally trained team is ready to determine the overly paid expenses from your company that might be the reason you’re having such a high tax return. Or maybe it’s the budget for the retirement plan you have organized that might not be so bulletproof as you may have thought.

Whatever the reason is, let us be your guide in Tax & Accounting Solutions and reorganizing your taxes to make it a more utilizing and effective exercise that will perpetuate a better and more stable firm in the long run.

Moreover, the process of our planning services Tax Planning Services is primary to find a way to reduce your overall income, try to increase your tax deductions throughout the year, taking advantage of any certain tax credits, and other well-planned strategies that will do wonders for your high tax return issues. Fundamentally we try to illuminate and shed some light on the options that you can take into consideration for your next step in tax reduction, and in the process, build a system that will ease your prior obligations to meeting your tax payment duties to the CRA. It’s a long and tiring process full of technical and tactical issues that need to be met and carefully assembled but will ensure you a better and more bulletproof tax plan that will make high tax return and tax risk your least problems in the long run. So, don’t get your hands dirty leave it to us, at Tohme Accounting, to clean up and tidy everything you need.


Back taxes are a serious issue that needs to be resolved immediately and can’t be left unattended in any manner. Just like here at Tohme Accounting we are dedicated to preventing you from crashing the company into the ground with bankruptcy, we are also dedicated and willing to help get you out of the gutter when you trip and fall into it.

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Leaving your taxes unfilled and unpaid will cause a disruption in your business operation and also would lead to major consequences with the CRA that may lead to seizing of your property, assets, or a lien on your property will be placed. And maybe even worse, you might end up with an imprisonment sentence. Don’t worry about any back taxes when we have your back. Whether you’re behind on paying taxes for intentional or unintentional reasons, it’s better if you let Tohme Accounting handle your back tax issues. It’s not necessarily your fault, we all make mistakes for it is in our nature as humans to do so and there’s no harm in Filing Back Taxes Online and asking for help with the process.

Filling a return and failing to pay tax liabilities is one of the mistakes your company might have made that lead to a back tax problem. Leave it for our tax planning professional team to undertake the required steps to solve this kind of problem and keep that taxman happy, fully satisfied, and off your back. Even if it’s a more complex problem with your unpaid back taxes, let us draw a simple and effective plan and solution that will rid you of all these procedures and regulations that will take up valuable time from your business production operations. Avoid any likelihood of the CRA even seize personal assets of your own such as automobiles, investment accounts, bank accounts, and more in order to collect the money it’s owed. That’s why we arrange and negotiate a proper startup business tax plan to discuss the various roles and structures available for your company to stay on its feet and keep going. Tohme Accounting is committed and fully obligated to preventing this type of situations of back taxes, and even if you are already at the tip of losing your assets, because of this dilemma, then we will take complete action with unfiled taxes or other tax noncompliance to ensure that your business remains in compliance.

So, don’t get overwhelmed and stop worrying because we assure you that we will have your company fully operational and running perfectly with no Audit & Back Taxes issue issues. And most importantly our tax planning through tax audit experts will produce a well-organized, perfectly planned, strategic structure that will prevent any more back tax problems, potential tax risk, or any kind of legal affairs with the CRA that might harm you personally as a business owner. Stay safe and stay secure with us at Tohme accounting where your taxes and business are financially safe and stable in our hands.

Stay On Top of Your Taxes with Our Experienced Tax Accountant in Canada

It doesn’t matter whether you are running a startup or a medium-sized business; you must remain on top of your taxes and avoid a visit from the CRA. At Tohme Accounting, we know the importance of proper tax planning and filing so that you can avoid any trouble from the authorities. Our tax accountant can help your business navigate through the complicated tax filing process and ensure that you are not in the red zone for your taxes.

You can trust us with your taxes because we have helped countless Ottawa, and Toronto businesses properly plan and file for their tax returns. Not everyone understands the terminology used in the CRA’s tax laws, which makes tax filing and planning so complicated. You won’t need to worry about that when you acquire our services of Corporate Tax Audits. We have the leading tax accountant in Canada who can handle everything, from tax filing to tax preparation and tax planning.

Professional Tax Planning and Filing Services in Ottawa, and Toronto

We will conduct a thorough examination of your financial records and look at your previous tax records to ensure that they are up-to-date and comply with current CRA tax laws. Our tax accountants in Ottawa, and Toronto will conduct a thorough tax audit for your business, which will give them all the information they need to ensure you are safe from any tax penalties. Our goal is to ensure that there are no tax errors, mismanaged funds, or frauds in your record.

When it comes to your taxes, you can’t take any risks, which is why it is always best to work with a professional tax accountant who can handle everything. When your business taxes are in order, you can run your business safe in the knowledge that you won’t be getting a notice from the CRA for tax fraud or avoiding your taxes. We will take care of the tax filing process and ensure that you are current on all your tax laws while you enjoy a stress-free experience.

Dependable Tax Services from Certified Tax Accountants

At Tohme Accounting, we have worked with various businesses in all major industries to help them file their taxes and plan their taxes for the future. We have a meticulous tax planning procedure designed to help the business better manage its finances. We can look through legal loopholes and ensure that your business doesn’t have to pay sky-high taxes. We have a team of experienced tax accountants who can help you organize your taxes in the best possible manner.

We can also help you take advantage of any tax credits that your business may be eligible for and allow you to benefit from proper tax planning. When you want dependable and professional tax services, you can count on us to handle everything for you. Our experience and expertise in handling the taxes for small to medium-sized companies in Canada allow us to deliver exceptional services every time. Don’t stress out or worry about your tax returns anymore, and choose us for dependable tax services.