Financial Management

From the very first start of a company, keeping an eye on CFO and financial management is increasingly important. To summarize your time and to keep your mind clean, Tohme Accounting is here to achieve all your company’s needs all the way through.

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Starting a business from scratch could be somewhat tricky, but making the best decisions to keep it operational is the hardest part, especially when it’s about planning or dealing with money because even if you start on the right track you might face countless obstacles that would slow your business or even put it at an end, which makes unraveling them fundamental to revive your business. Such as problems of pricing, surpluses, raising loans, budgeting, a delegation of authority, or even lack of proper planning and unfavorable input-output ratio.

Making plans is an important skill not always acquired for every small business owner or manager. Every decision that an owner makes has a financial impact on the company’s operational production or financial income and revenue, which makes it increasingly important with every step.

That’s why we are here to help! Here at Tohme Accounting, we have prepared a highly trained team of financial management experts to help you put the perfect lead plans and strategies for your own business. If you are suffering from the money management obstacles most companies do as lack of proper planning, unfavorable input-output ratio, problems of raising loans…etc, we got your back with solutions for each problem you have or might have in the future. As you develop your investment strategy, we will act as your sounding board as we build an efficient and well-organized financial plan that will ensure your stability and safety in the long run. We can help you and your investment advisor build an investment portfolio that takes into consideration the impact of taxes and produces a favorable after-tax return. We will be helping you manage, deal with, and analyzing money and investments, as well as taking responsibility for the financial health of your company, developing strategies and plans for the long-term wealth management and financial goals, and dealing with your tax’s payments on a timely basis.

Our financial management company will also be helping you with the pricing policy, which is one of the most important services we offer, because unless your pricing policy meets the standard of any skillfully operating company or even close to an average functional one, then it can affect your business and eventually lead to bankruptcy.

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Additionally, Tohme Accounting’s team of highly trained experts in Canada, in the field of of financial management solutions , are well prepared to define all your options, and hopefully create new ones, to establish an organized financial plan that will help you make clear decisions within the total context of your company’s operations, as well as other financial services to address the company’s needs in wealth management, personal finance management and most importantly retirement planning. We also will be helping you put the best plan process for retirement income goals, actions, and necessary decisions to achieve those milestones including, retirement income management, monitoring assets, evaluating retirement risks, and more. From the moment you start working with us, you don’t have to carry any financial issue on your own shoulder, because Tohme Accounting will always be here to support and you can be sure that you are in the right hands.


Keeping a business running on the right terms is hard work that requires envisioning every the decision to reach the goal of success, by relying on a dedicated team of accountants, wealth management consultant, and auditors who compile, produce, and monitor financial reports, under a high ranked roll which is one of the most important roles in a company, meaning a CFO. The chief financial officer (CFO) must be well skilled and trained to avoid multiple complications that might lead the company to numerous losses in your annual cash flow, future forecasting vision, and current budgeting plans that make it difficult for you as a business owner to recover from.

CFO Role Explained:
Working in the CFO role always requires to be creditably skilled with excellent strength of character, charisma, intellect technical knowledge of financial skills, and most importantly problem-solving abilities and strategic vision. Not only for the risks and opportunities behind the numbers but also for the future growth of the company by generating positive cash flows, and leading the financial management team to achieve long term success. While revenue and income are important aspects for the company’s ability to create value, it’s also very essential to maintain these kinds of positive cash flows which, in our hands, can be easily reached. Whether it’s taking time in paying your suppliers for maintaining a good relationship, keeping an eye out for overdue accounts, or resolving any inventory or overtrading issues, that to you might seem time-consuming but for us, it’s the method behind the magic of attainment.

Our Solution:
Here at Tohme Accounting, we offer you help with all CFO responsibilities, from tracking cash flow and financial planning by analyzing the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses, making corrective actions when needed, and focusing on the internal and external financial reporting and providing effective financial management services. As your business grows, the acquisition of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) becomes critical. We can serve as your virtual CFO in getting the job done and maintaining a stable financial balance. Our expertise in analysis and insight are the perfect assets for positioning your business using historical data as inputs to our forecasting strategy that will determine the direction of future actions that improve the company’s endurance. By engaging us as your virtual CFO you get the benefits of executive financial support which is a key element enabling you to thrive. Offering you a full suite of services to enhance your business operations that include Cash flow, Budgeting, and Forecasting. Our CFO is determined by the ability to generate positive cash flows by using the right strategy that suits your company’s position and increasing the opportunity to succeed at a maximum level. While determining how to allocate your budgets or plans for anticipated expenses for an upcoming period of time. Tohme Accounting’s CFO got you covered with the best help for future growth and stability. Working with Tohme Accounting gives you long term triumph and a strong reliable ethical workplace, which means no more worrying about any CFO or financial management issues. Tohme Accounting’s services in Ottawa, and Toronto will always act the right way to increase your business to prosperity.

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