Accountant for Real Estate

Successful real estate agents and investors are those who do the essential things right. This includes: business structuring, tax preparation, and deductions management which are vital aspects of the real estate business that must be handled seriously.

While many new real estate agents and real estate investors wish away the idea of hiring a CPA or a tax professional, smart investors know that having an accounting expert saves them lots of money in their investment pursuits.

Why Hire an Accounting Professional?

Typically, an accounting professional participates in budgeting, planning, investment and tax reporting activities, and helps real estate investors to make wise decisions. Usually, the accountant prepares financial reports and records all real estate transactions, which may include rentals, property sales, time-sharing, and leases.

The accountant will also coordinate appraisal, capitalization activities, and asset evaluation.

Real estate investors and agents should choose an accountant whom they can trust and who is aggressive enough to help them save lots of money and increase their returns on investment. But the accountant should also be conservative enough to help the investors keep out of trouble with the tax authorities.

Not only are you getting a top-notch tax and financial accountant, but you’re also aligning yourself with someone that builds strategies and best practices based on my own investing experiences.

I know how to serve you because I am you.

I’m here to answer any of your business, accounting or tax related questions. #BeAccountedFor


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