COVID 19 Tax Relief

Thanks to the COVID 19 public health measures, which provide property tax and energy cost rebates, the Government of Ontario has stated that it will be supporting businesses that are affected by that measure. The type of businesses that are eligible for this kind of support are the ones that were required to stop working and providing their services in the locations that were in Stage 2 public health restrictions (like Toronto). The applications for this support are now available if you want to apply your business to the form. More information can be found on the Ontario Government website.

Property Tax Rebates:

In the case of businesses that were restricted from working, or stopped from continuing to provide services, because of Stage 2 public health restrictions, they are eligible now for property tax rebates. Moreover, areas that were categorized as control or lockdown by stage 2 public health restriction, which was announced on October 9, 2020, are also eligible for property tax rebates.

Types of Businesses Eligible for Support:

  • Fitness gyms and indoor sports facilities.
  • Bars and restaurants.
  • Cinemas and performing arts facilities.
  • Convention centers, casinos, or any other related indoor gaming establishments.
  • Museums and other multi-purpose facilities.
  • Care services and facilities.
  • Racing venues.
  • One-on-one teaching.

Reasons for Ineligibility:

  • Businesses that are located outside the Stage 2 provenances.
  • Businesses that weren’t required to close during stage 2 public health restrictions.
  • Businesses that are owned by the federal, provincial, or municipal government.


Businesses that are eligible for the Ontario Government support get a deduction/rebate for:

  • Municipal and education property taxes
  • energy costs include electricity, natural gas, and heating oil.

The funding for this support is able to cover the entire time the business is under lockdown. Note that some businesses may need to wait a few weeks to receive the deductions after submitting the full application.

Requirements for Application:

Even if the support sounds great and all, you need to submit proof of costs before applying or submitting the application.

If you plan on applying for property tax rebates, then you should provide property tax bills or any proof of cost that is related to tax bills.

On the other hand, if you want to apply for energy cost rebates, then you should provide a digital copy of the first energy bill, which includes the natural gas, electrical, and other bills, that have been received on the first day of the stage 2 restrictions or after. Furthermore, you can always submit other energy bills from your business if it is heated by propane or heating oil.


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