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  • Samer Tohme

Do you really need an accountant?

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

A tax preparer is a qualified professional who is familiar with the tax laws, procedures, and practices of filing taxes. They typically charge a fee for their services. The fee varies and depends on how simple or complex your tax situation is.

A tax pro is likely your best bet in several situations, including the following:

- You’re self-employed, a free-lancer or a business owner

- Artists, photographers or other creative related work

- You are a landlord who owns 1 or many rental property

- You are an active trader

- You have foreign accounts or investments.

If needed, I can look into the legal implications of complex tax issues. I can help if you find yourself in need of tax planning, preparation, or even remediation. I’m here to answer any of your business, accounting or tax related questions. #BeAccountedFor

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